Welcome to the February 2020 issue of the Parent Newsletter! We hope your student has had a successful start to their second term.
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Welcome to the February 2020 issue of the Parent Newsletter! We hope your student has had a successful start to their second term. This newsletter provides you with some important information about Intent to Register, academic resources for your student, Residence Counselling, meal plan information, summer accommodations and off-campus housing services.
Intent to Register
If your student plans on returning to study at Western in September, they must complete the Intent to Register (ITR) process by March 31, 2020 to be able to register for courses. ITR is completed online, and there is a guide to help students through the process.
Intent to Register
Meal Plan Top-Up
Is your student running low on meal plan funds? They can monitor their spending or add credit to meal plans online at any time. Please note, any leftover meal plan credit can be transferred to the following academic year. View our Meal Plan Transfers and Refunds FAQ for more information.
Meal Plan Info
Academic Resources in Residence: ALPs
Residence is an ideal place to combine living and learning, and we want to ensure your student has the best opportunity for success. If your student experienced any difficulties with exams, there are resources available to help ease the process for the second semester. Your student can connect with their Academic and Leadership Programmer (ALP) in their residence for academic help. ALPs can help with Intent to Register, and they run other workshops throughout the rest of the term. Your student can connect directly with their ALP by email.
ALP Info
What's Next?
Western Summer Accommodations
Are you or your student staying in London this summer? Stay at Western! Western Summer Accommodations offers affordable short- and long-term stays and is open to the public. Conveniently located in Ontario Hall and London Hall, this is the ideal location for anyone visiting, working or studying in London. If your student would like to stay in residence for the summer (or over 30 days), we will arrange to have them stay in their current residence room until their summer stay room is available. At that time, a free shuttle will be provided so they can conveniently move their belongings. Please note, students not staying with Western Summer Accommodations for a minimum of 30 days must submit an Extended Stay Request. In early March, they can submit their request with supporting documentation via the myHousing Portal. 
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Residence Counselling Support
We understand university life can be overwhelming at times. Help is near with our professional and confidential counselling services, exclusively for students living in Main Campus residences. Residence Counselling is free and welcomes all topics of discussion throughout the entire academic year. Our counsellors help students manage stress and anxiety, create time-effective routines and provide assistance for academic success.

Residence Counselling is located in room 3C10 in Ontario Hall. Appointments can be booked by emailing needtotalk@uwo.ca. We have multiple appointment times to work around your student’s schedule, but there are often cancellations that free up spots within the same week of contact. For information on other mental health resources on campus, click here.

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Off-Campus Housing Lease Review Service
Is your student moving off campus for the 2020-21 school year? If so, they should book a lease review appointment! Western Off-Campus Housing Service employees will go through their lease to help them understand what they are signing. We will explain Ontario rental law, city bylaws and other areas of importance. Your student can easily book an appointment online.
Lease Reviews

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