The end of the school year is approaching fast. Below are some details your student needs to know to ensure they're prepared for the big day. We hope they've had a great year in residence!
Dear Parent/Guardian,
The end of the school year is approaching fast. Below are some details your student will need to know about moving out to ensure they’re prepared for the big day. We hope they've had a great year in residence!


Knowing Their Move-Out Date

Students are required to move out of residence within 24 hours after their final exam, test or class, or by noon on May 1 (whichever is earlier). The Housing Office emailed each resident last week, notifying them of their move out date, and provided information on extended stay requests. Unless they’ve received approval for an extended stay, they will be charged $100/day for staying after their designated move-out date. If necessary, your student can make their extended stay request via the myHousing portal. The deadline for applying for an extended stay is April 1.


Planning Travel Arrangements

Now that your student knows when they’re moving, it’s time to plan how! If you are planning on picking your student up, please note that unattended vehicles in traffic circles (fire routes) will be ticketed. Long-term parking lot information can be found here. If they're booking flights or other travel arrangements,ensure they purchase tickets for their move-out date. Extended stays may not be approved to stay more than 24 hours after their last exam if they've purchased their ticket after knowing their move-out date.


Booking Accommodations

Is your student looking to stay in London for the summer or taking a course? Western Summer Accommodations offers affordable short- and long-term stays in Ontario and London Hall. Email to arrange a stay that works with their move-out date. If family or friends will be visiting over the summer, accommodations are open to the public from May 9 to August 18. 


Cancel Cable and Set Up Mail Forwarding

Now is a good time to call ahead to cancel any services your student may have set up such as cable, and redirect mail to a summer address. Residences officially close at noon on May 1. Any mail that arrives after this date will not be held and it will be returned to the sender.


Cleaning Up and Paying Community Damages

It’s important for your student to ensure their room/suite is clean, all garbage has been removed and furniture has been returned to its original location. All community floor damages are payable either during the exam period, or at the time of check-out at the front desk by debit or credit. All occupants in a double room or suite will be equally responsible for the clean-up and furniture relocation costs. Room damages will be assessed after move out, and will be reflected on your student’s account which can be accessed via the myHousing portal.


Packing Up Their Room

While many Sophs were available to assist with move-in, they are also students writing exams and are unable to assist with the move-out process. Your student will need to move their own belongings, and a limited number of shopping carts will be available at each front desk to help with their move. If they have non-perishable food or clothing/décor items in good condition (with the exception of mattress toppers), these can be donated to the Food Bank boxes and Goodwill bins in their building lobby. We do not store items in residence after their check-out date, so please have your student ensure their room/suite is left in the condition it was when they moved in. 


Checking Out at the Front Desk

Once they are ready to check out and room and suite doors are locked, they then visit the front desk. We will collect mailbox and room keys, as well as their laundry card should they choose to not use it next year. They will also be able to pay any community damage fees if they have not yet done so.  


Stay in Touch

What a year it has been, and we hope it has been a memorable one for them. Students can stay in touch with us by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and tag us in their favourite residence moments as well as summer adventures for a chance to be featured on our pages! 

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