We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming students to our residences in September and can’t wait to show your student what residence life is about.
Dear Parent/Guardian,
We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming students to our residences in September and can’t wait to show your student what residence life is about. We want to make sure you’re both well prepared for this exciting milestone. Below, you will find helpful move-in information and how your student can prepare for the big day.

Packing for Residence
Everything your student brings should fit into one shopping cart. Take a look at our full list of what they can bring, and review these helpful packing tips:

  • If they plan on visiting home throughout the year, leave behind the things they don’t need yet (like winter coats) to save space.
  • Appliances (coffee makers, kettles, etc.) with an automatic shut-off are permitted, but it is a good idea to hold off on bringing them so your student can plan with their roommates. Certain appliances like toaster ovens and cooking grills are only permitted in suite-style kitchens.
  • For all first-year buildings, we recommend purchasing twin XL bed sheets. Check out Residence Linens where you can order online and the order will be here when your student arrives.
  • Label their belongings with the full name that they used on the myHousing portal, and just to be safe, don’t pack things in garbage bags.

More questions about what to bring and moving-in? Tune into our Facebook Live Chat this Wednesday, August 22 at 6 p.m.

Move-In Date, TIme & Process
Moving in 5,300 students is no easy feat, so we’ve set a date and time for your student to check in at their building. Make sure they come between those times. Residence Staff will greet you, and the super-spirited Sophs (orientation leaders) will show your student to the check-in area, help them move their belongings, and direct you to long-term parking so you’re not ticketed. After you park, you’ll be able to help them unpack.

There will be heavy traffic and construction on Wharncliffe Road, so allow for extra time to get around campus. Wayfinding apps like Google Maps are helpful, but not always accurate (Ontario Hall does NOT have an entrance off Sarnia Road). Print out these route maps that show the building routes, drop-off location and directions to long-term parking.

Your student will also receive an email at the end of August that has a PDF with a unique barcode. For a faster check-in, ask your student to print the document or have the email ready on their smartphone.

If your student has requested an early arrival via the Residence Onboarding Process, they’ll need to check in at Ontario Hall. If they did not meet the deadline to submit an early arrival request, or have not received approval for their early arrival, contact the Housing Office.

Dining in Residence
Your student's meal plan is preloaded onto their Western ONEcard, giving them instant access. If your student uploaded their photo for their Western ONEcard via the Student Center before August 15, they will be able to pick it up when they check in at their building. If they missed this deadline, they will have to get their card from Western Student Services Building during their office hours.

If dietary requirements are a concern, our Nutrition Manager, Anne Zok, will assist with making a dietary plan for residence students. Email nutritionservices@uwo.ca to set up a meeting prior to move-in. If your student has a food allergy, they can submit a Food Allergy Emergency Plan Form to a Dining Hall staff member when they arrive, and are encouraged to self-identify to ensure their needs are accommodated.

Resources in Residence & On Campus
Rest assured, your student will have many people to help in their transition to university life. Residence Dons and Residence Advisors (RAs), are live-in student staff, there to help answer any questions your student may have, conduct residence programs, or simply be caring friends. There are also Residence “Sophs” on each floor who are upper-year student volunteers dedicated to welcoming students to the University and residence life. Academic and Leadership Programmers (ALPs) promote a healthy living and learning environment within the residence system. They provide workshops on study skills and exam preparation, as well as connect your student to academic resources.

Additionally, Residence Managers (RMs) are full-time employees of the University with extensive residence life experience that help promote a community that fosters inclusion, respect, academic achievement, and the enhancement of student learning outside the classroom. Residence Counselling offers free and confidential counselling services to all Main Campus residents on a wide variety of topics.

Employment & Volunteer Opportunities
Once your student is settled in, there are so many opportunities for them to get involved in residence and make the most of their experience. They can help plan incredible events by joining Residents’ Council, or even get paid to be a Residence Tour Guide or Street Team Member. Positions open up in September, so encourage your student to ask the student leaders in residence, and visit our RezLife site to learn more. 

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